3 hours into being 38 years old (3:00 AM, Nov. 17), and I slept pretty damn good, and am now making coffee and kinda/sorta starting my day. I may go back to sleep again before 11:00 AM (when my ride gets here to go do stuff), but the plan is to stay awake.nnAhh, the coffee is delish, the night is cool outside (I have the sliding glass door cracked open a bit), feeling good.nn**Sidenote**: I don’t *think* the MBA is useless when it comes to WiFi, as the WiFi *itself* stays on when I want it to, but the PDAnet+ app does not work with my current Homebrew/PASV FTP/network configuration setup. So, I will bring the MBA to the ‘rents tomorrow, and see if it connects and *stays* on WiFi – I will even run some CLI commands and see how it operates. If everything goes smoothly, I will buy the Cricket Wireless Hotspot ($80 + $60 for an unlim data SIM) in December (or January) and go from there. Web dev is not a dead hobby for me yet!nnSo, this is good news. I will (if everything works OK) continue on with dev stuff in December, but for the remainder of November, I will be mobile-only, because I can’t get on (reliable) WiFi via tehering with with PDAnet+ on the MacBook, either way.nnIt’s an expense, an expense that must be added to the budget ($80 + $60), but, it must be done.nnAnyway, the coffee was good.nnHello, 38!

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