I don’t know, it has been Ghost Town City online the past few days. Everything slows down on the weekend (oddly?) but it has been like this since at *least* Thursday. Not much on R.w.a, or M.p, or S.p (people know what I mean when I abbreviate those things, so, whoever the few fine folks are that read this blog, you get it (and thank you!)).nnThe Remark.as Meetup was more or less a flop. I mean, I got to chat with a couple people who are usually there, and I of course enjoyed those correspondences (had a cool convo about rural life, and my brief experience with it, so that was cool).nnTo be honest, I usually have jack shit to do on Saturday afternoons anyway, so I will keep going.nnYep, having coffee. Enjoying the night. Will try the Western Union thing tomorrow (if there is a kiosk in operation nearby).nnupdates as they come along

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