halp my blog's SOUL, Ghost forums!

I went ahead and went to the technical forum on Ghost (the software this blog runs on), and I see that one person posted an issue 22 days ago about the Ghost CLI issue (similar to what I am having, only this person had 22 issues with their config).

I saw that the person is using the same command I am using that is suggested upon receiving the aforementioned errors, which is:

sudo npm audit fix --force (I believe)

...and this person shows 0 vulnerabilities, as do I, BUT, I run the sudo npm i -g ghost-cli@latest command again, and I see the same errors I had originally.

So, again, stumped as a chump :/

I vocalized this in that forum thread, to see if the person has some feedback for me, or if anyone has feedback for this, becaue all I see that I can do, is to install a package.json file and then audit the thing, which...

...as I see it now, I am needing to do this in order for the "audit fix --force" command to WORK in the first place, and that is why the recommended suggested fix is not working.

So, I am not on-the-ball 100% with this one. But it should work.

But, now, I need to figure out how to run the sudo npm audit fix --force command within the correct "file", or whatever, on the VPS. I would need to create a "path"(?) to do this, somehow?

Now, this person (in the forum) said:

"Additionally, I had to create a package-lock.json with npm i --package-lock-only in /usr/lib/node_modules/ghost-cli to be able to audit."

...so how would I create this "path" (I am guessing the term is - because I'm a friggin' noobcakes). I fooled with "paths" before, but I cannot remember how to do them.

I will search and report back

(unless someone knows, then just tell me - lmao!)


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