So, with the Revolut Card, I *was* able to order a (free!) card, and I can have funds added to my Revolut account in the future if need be, but, **I** cannot add funds with my debit card, itself, because my debit card gets flagged as a prepaid. Even with the brand new card I just received a week or so ago. So that sucks.nnBut, The *Revolut Card* is coming in the mail in early-January, and…yea, I will have to find some workaround to get funds onto it from my (normal/new) debit card. And I already tried adding my (normal/new) debit card to Google Pay (which surprisingly worked – because the *old* card used to get flagged there, too), and then just using Google Pay to add funds to Revolut, but, that was a no-go, too :/nnIt’s a messnn

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