Haha, wow - nary the concept, that of a "community"

I won't say bad shit (I've done plenty of that in years past (namely when I was a ticked off person who was the worst of myself on Twitter)), and I won't name names, but wow - I just got either the most straight-forward response to something online, or a passive/aggressive comment (or both?) from someone I used to think was fairly cool.

And let me clarify this post title - if there is anything that can be derived (in a positive sense) from participating in online activities, it is the possibility (and sometimes likelihood) of spurring communication and correspondence with others. Computers are chunks of pointless metal without someone at the other end to perhaps see/experience/witness/read/or even care about what one does on the Internet. That's how it is.

Community tends to be a part of this online communication. Sometimes it is, sometimes it's not - but it usually is. And that's a great thing.

So, as I said, I won't be specific about the exchange, itself, but as nice and cordial as I was in the comment I made to this person - they had none of it, and told me "like it is", and that was the final say in that matter.

Wow. Fuck. That.

I pity people who are that thick-skinned and ignorant of the consideration of others. I won't say anything more - I simply pity their attitude on things.

Anyway, in other (nicer) news, I am doing ok this morning. Has a bit of 'za, offed the Diet Pepsi, and need to hop in the shower to freshen up, as I neglected to do so yesterday. Feeling funky.

back later

stay well

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