I stepped out on the balcony for a brief second a bit ago, just to breathe in the fresh air, and it was already windy, but then a single gust of wind came through the courtyard and knocked about a quarter of the leaves off the trees there. Like a 25 mph wind out of the blue. Was an odd occurrence. nnNow, I sit inside wearing my pre-Thanksgiving garb, so as to not dirty up the (dress) clothes that I will wear to the event at my nieces. I also would prefer to not smell like tobacco pipe smoke when I am there, as that is a potent musty-like smell :/ And I *do* plan on having some more pipe tobacco this AM to A) conserve my cigarettes, B) because the holidays always go nice with a pipe, and C) this #stlwx calls for it, 100%.nnI just realized, we are going to be traveling all the way from Jefferson County (where we are meeting up) to St Charles, Missouri (where the event is) right at lunch hour on Thanksgiving. The traffic will be *insane*, I am sure. But, in it we will sit, and that is OK.nnGonna be funnnBack later

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