Me, of course. My body is just wholesale rejecting my mattress - it is that uncomfortable. An hour, maybe two, of sleep is all my body can handle on that lump of foam. Thank fucking God the new mattress will be here Wednesday! It has already shipped, and has left Deltona, FL., so, thank the fucking lord.

Oddly enough, I remember Deltona (just North of Daytona) when I lived in Florida (nearly two decades ago), as that is where a friend of mine (or, a guy I knew) that sold me weed lived, lol!

So now, I am having coffee and just doing that - drinking coffee to stay awake indefinitely until...IDK, I pass out or some shit. Two hours of sleep is a drop in the bucket of what I need to function/be happy. I got a few hours (tops) before I am completely wiped again, and will require sleep, so at that point I am putting the sleeping bag on the floor of my bedroom and sleeping on the damn ground.

back soon