This *could* be a very uplifting post about how **I** care about people (and I do, in general). But alas, this post is not about that, at all.nnDo you know who “cares” about someone’s use/non-use/mis-use of social networking platforms? No one! So, if one thinks they will leave Birdsite, or Instagram, or Facebook, or some other dopamine-fueled hype feed, and all of a sudden there is a parade and holiday in your honor; guess what? Nothing of the sort occurs.nn**I** didn’t expect these things to occur, and obviously I left those aforementioned services for my own sanity. But considering (for a *brief* moment) that e.v.e.r.y.o.n.e. under the sun is ON those services, and I tell people online/offline/wherever that I do NOT use those services, and they simply glare a blank stare at me – what does that say about the addicts OF such services? Are they on the defense? Are they ashamed? Have they never thought to themselves: “…hey, I use FB for five waking hours of the day, EVERY day of my life – is *that* a healthy/good thing?”nnNo, it’s essentially brainwashing. Because they *have* thought such thoughts, had such feelings, and they still pull the Refresh bar multiple times an hour.nnOr, maybe it IS me? Maybe I’m an authentic Lottery Winner(TM) of pure luck, and ONE(1)-in-a-hundred-million type of an person who leaves socials, leaves them for good, and then gets to hear about everybody bitching about socials on blogs I subscribe to, instead?nnThat *has* to be it, right? Cause everyone is gonna click on over to Reddit, or Twitter, or whatever else just as soon as they get through this blog post (what few people read this blog).nnSo, have fun? I don’t care, either?

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