Slept 4+ hours, and am feeling well rested, but groggy at the same time.nnShipments. Everything shipped out (yesterday), but nothing has left their origin facility, so basically a shipping label was created and nothing more :/ The only thing that *has* left (and is arriving today) is the moms gift. I don’t know if I should be expecting the desk anytime soon, either, or if it has been ordered, but, no big deal on that. It’ll get here when it gets here.nnSitting here slowly sipping a sodie, trying to wake up a bit. Will start coffee here in a bit.nnI miss pipe tobacco, lol! I bought a carton of Luckies the other day, and am stranded on Cigarette Island until the TobaccoPipes(.com) order arrives. In that order, is the Dr Grabow Royal Duke pipe, a pipe I had owned before and loved it, but it started to get sour, and I didn’t have pipe sweetener (like I do now), and I ordered a Savinelli Oceano 320 KS instead of proper cleaning supplies for the RD, so I threw away the RD instead of cleaning it which was a stupid mistake. So, I am looking forward to owning a RD, again. One of the better pipes I have ever owned. Also, John Cotton’s Double Pressed Kentucky is a tobacco blend I ordered, which is in my Top 3 favorite tobaccos of all time. nnAnd on the subject of tobacco, the tobacco pouch will come in handy. It is for travel purposes (when I bring the pipe to my mom’s or sister’s house, and need an easy way to pack tobacco, instead of an entire jar/tin/whatever). And also the pipe rack, which I plan on keeping in full display at my apartment upon it’s arrival. It’s a three-pipe rack (I don’t think I will ever *need* more than three pipes at any given time), and besides the RD pipe, it will just store the Rossi Vittoria pipe (which ended up cracking along the stem, on the briar, but will still smoke (not that I enjoy smoking it very much)) and also the modified acorn cob, which I plan on swapping out for the Missouri Meerschaum “Cobbit” corn cob pipe (which is a mini church warden shape, sort of).nnBut in the long run, I plan on having the cheap, bang around, beat-em-up RD pipe (which is a tough little pipe), as well as a different Savinelli 320 KS, and if I can get my hands on one, a Stanwell 98 Lovat in piano key black (smooth). Those three will get me through just fine. More *could* be purchased in the future, but, IDK.nnOK, gonna put on some coffee.nnBack later

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