So, I caught a ride to the grocery store a bit ago, and just returned home and put away everything and then sat right down and watched a video from The 8-Bit Guy called "The Basics of BASIC" (referring to the old computer programming language). I had seen the video twice before, so this was more for entertainment purposes (nerdy form of entertainment, eh? Haha). And while I did so I had coffee, and a blueberry muffin, and a cig (separately - not a glutton or anything ;))

I also texted with my therapist a bit ago (before the grocery shopping trip), and re-re-confirmed the June. 1 appointment for therapy (via Google Duo). I also got NO bites from the CL posting. I still have the Polk Audio TSi100 standmount speakers listed on CL, and I renewed the posting yesterday morning at 9:00 AM, but no one reached out to buy them, yet. I think I can renew them (for a third time) tomorrow after 9:00 AM, and I will do so if I can, and hopefully someone is interested. ::fingers crossed!::

Also, I smell very much so like a woman's perfume right now, because the ride I took to the store (a friend, "M") was wearing perfume, and the car smelled of perfume, so now I smell like perfume. But...whatever.

Anyhow, here's to hoping someone reaches out via CL about the speakers, and I hope they sell TODAY, actually (though, I'll be patient until they DO sell - I will not Unlist them).

Nothing else happening in this neck of the woods.

back soon