I have no ride to get groceries, so I am ordering them, instead. Shouldn't take too long, and I have some nice fruit and iced coffee on my go-to list. I always get the same stuff each time because A) I know the cost (roughly, but changed with inflation), B) it is all healthy (and mostly vegan), and C) it is all part of my diverse-yet-habitual diet - the same stuff, over and over, but a wide variety of stuff (so I don't get sick of it). This way, my body doesn't have to make any digestive compromises and it stays "regular" (and so I can maintain my continued weight loss journey).

The apartment has been cleaned up a bit, too. I mean, it was deep-cleaned yesterday, but I just had some straightening up to do. I also shaved and put extra meds and "extra" things in the cabinet below the bathroom sink - namely the Tylenol + Orajel + Motrin, because I don't want to be reminded that I have to take that stuff (for now), and so it is out of sight/out of mind. I will retrieve a capsule or two if/when needed, but I don't need to be reminded that they are there (as with daily meds, I want them to be in sight, and in mind, so they sit on the counter). I still have straightening up to do in there, still. Like, rid myself of anything that I may not be needing in the near future, but everything from the hand lotion (for fresh tattoos) to extra bars of soap (obvs reasons) ALL serve a purpose in time, so they stay where they are at. There may be a couple items that can go, though.

So, kind of a micro decluttering type of day, as well as cleaning up, as well as getting grub for the next week. Back soon.