Sometimes I come across something (from anyone/anywhere) that someone says (on any platform, in any situation), that really "hits a note" with me, and just now I was watching NWPipesmoker on YouTube, and it was in his NYE 2021 video (so, this most recent NYE), and it was a very good video where he discussed some fairly interesting subjects - friendships, a "true self", authenticity, "representations of self (online)", etc. - and what he said that struck me was: "life is a science experiment that keeps happening", and I was like "Wow! That is completely true!". And what he meant by that was (I think, as I heard it) - we are always discovering who/what we are. Where we are going, what we are doing, how we want our lives, and ourselves, to be. And I 100% agree with that, and feel it "should" be this way (as if anyone ever had any choice, haha).

So, I sit here and have a VA/Per blend out of the Rossi pipe and I think about some other things mentioned in the video, as well. Such as, his take on transparency online, wanting to let people know who YOU are (or not wanting them to know), or/and wanting to know more about other people (or not wanting to know more about them), etc. And it's weird, how people take interest in other people, in general. Like, there's some form of similarity, or idea, or suggestion, or simply just a fluke "hey, how are ya?", and then people come to know one another and...yea, it's fascinating. Brilliant, really.

To bring it around to writing, or "conversational writing", or (b)logging, or (as I simply call it) journaling - it sort of creates a dialogue, or even a narrative, of, I am saying these things for all reasons, and without an end-goal in mind. Just words written for sake of doing so, and others can chime in when they like. And it is document of record of personal...perspectives, on everything. So, it is sort of the opposite of what I had been doing when I started blogging in the tabloid/gossip space - that was very theme-centric, very concentrated, very formal, and very ad-driven. This is none of those things.

Just a few words of thought :)

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