…or, I’m just getting oldernnWhen I was young(er), I would often think “if an athlete can do X thing, then I *should* be able to do (some variance of) X thing, too!”. I used to be *very* full of “piss and vinegar”, and I would think “if so and so can RUN up a flight of stairs, so can I!” – but obviously this is not a thing I can, or would do at 38 years old. And I think what slowed me down (in terms of running UP stairs, or DOWN stairs, or just running in general) is the fact that my knees got a bit worse in 2016-2020, for two reasons: I was roughly 40 pounds overweight (35 of those pounds I have since shed (thank God!)), and I had atrociously warped floors at the apartment I was living at in those years.nnSuffice it to say, I am not anywhere **near** the level of resiliency I was when I was 19 years old, and was in the military, and was an *actual* athlete (as most soldiers in the service are required to be – only the sport in question is war). No, I am not like this anymore. I still (of course) eat right and exercise, but running, jogging, dead-lifting, and overall elasticity is a thing mostly in the past.nnSo, just wanted to comment on that

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