I just discovered [rebecca’s pocket]( (I link the archive, because like all good bloggo’s, the front page is in straight forward chronological order), which is an oldschool blog from back in the day (dating to the 90s), and she has a segment on the blog called [bloggers on blogging]( and it looks like some cool, early-2000s weblog type of folks on that list, so I will check it out shortly, with coffee, and see what I can learn :)nnSadly, **rebecca’s pocket** has not been updated since 2014, but it definitely seemed to serve it’s purpose for its time.nnRelated: I would like W.a to introduce an archive at some time. However it would look, it would be *first* (and probably only) thing I would link below the title/description of **TMO**.nnJust pointing this outnnback soon

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