They are good so far. Loud. I have the MBA turned up to ~45% and it is plenty loud, unlike the 80% needed for the Apple EarPods.nnListening to my “audio-files 2.0” playlist and it is fairly nice :)nnHere’s a photo – nn![](, that I am listening to them a bit, I noticed that they lack serious bass, and really are liberal with the treble. I heard that these are fairly treble-heavy IEMs and that the “Pros” are supposed to have even *more* treble, but I can’t imagine more than this. I seriously thought something was wrong with the lack of bass in some parts of these songs.nnGuess I’ll be keeping my AT ATH-M30’s as a backup afterall, lol!nnEverything is crystal clear with the T2’s though, for sure. A good “reference” set of headphones, I suppose (but I lack any type of experience to say yay or nay on that).nnSo, all is good, I suppose. Lacking bass a good deal, not as “consuming” at the AT’s, but those *are* over-the-ear headphones, so, no surprise there really.nnMore on these laternn#listeningnotesnn

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