Not really, of course. But I find it funny how a lot of blogs out there (BLOGS (like this one) – very Web2) are talking about “what Web2 *was*”, like ANYTHING CHANGED AT ALL!nnJust goes to show that people can be very “taken” with what is hyped up in the (niche-y, online, non-tangible) digital world (AKA a handful of nerdy Twitter feeds).nnBut if someone wants to write a eulogy, write one for Web3. Because the hype is dead in the water, and no one gives a shit any longer, and the few suckers who (*still*) want Web3 to “be a thing” are just being taken advantage of. Fools, man.nnBut, I guess since Web3 is dead and so is Web2 (apparently, it’s all past tense these days), then I suppose we have to scurry up and invent Web4. So here it is – Web4, born on **TMO**! It’s not just decentralized, it’s de-vaporized. Meaning it literally doesn’t exist and it’s just a load of shit people say on their Web(whatever) social media feeds.nnWhile we’re at it, we can decide (out of the blue!) that laws don’t exist, and crime is legal, and money is free (that’ll drum up interest, I’m sure), and no one starves. Perfect.nn**Welcome to Web4 – anarcho Eden**

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