As per usual – got up, had instant coffee, read an e-mail from someone I e-mailed last night (at 2:00 AM, actually, lol!), caught up on a couple blogs, checked R.w.a, had a pipe of zippidy-doo-dah tobacco (which is just pipe tobacco), and off I went.nnI got to Schnucks, bought mostly soda, but also cheese sandwich making gear. Walked back. And now I sit with a Mt Dew Live Wire.nn**what’s on my mind?**nniPads, actuallynnWhy iPads? IDK. I like my MacBook Air (10th Gen Intel) just fine. A writing companion, a go-to thing I grab when I walk into my apartment. Decent keyboard (unlike the Mac keyboards from 2016-2020). I use this machine a lot, and I can fire up the Terminal when I want and SSH into my VPS and diddle daddle with dev work if I want to, or just put new software on my Linode (which I have been meaning to put Standard Notes on a server for a while, haven’t done so). nnBut iPads seem effortless to me. In a good way. Very writer-friendly (should one opt for a keyboard case). They look good – in fact, *too* good, I think. I don’t entertain the idea of getting one usually, because I feel like they are $700+ pieces of glass that are *very* functional, but there’s *so little* there for *so much* money. LOL!nnAt one time Apple was going to sort of have three tiers for their “main” lineup:nn- iPhone that cost X amount of dollars (within a lot of people’s budget)n- A Mac laptop (of some varietal) up top, which never really came down nor went up in price in a huge way over the yearsn- and an iPad in between (in both functionality and price)nnAnd then they solved all that shit by pricing each one at over $1,000, so now people can get *either* an iPhone, *or* an iPad, *or* a MacBook. Or just hand over a month’s+ income and get all three. nnThe price on this Mac came down within a couple days of the M1 MacBook Air being released, and I was able to snag this within a reasonable price. But I *assumed* I would fork out $1K plus to get this thing, and that the M1’s would cost more. M1 MacBooks Air’s cost $999 on release (base model), but I figured I would save money *and* not have to worry about software compatibility and just stick with Intel. nnNo regrets. This thing moves along like a dream. nnSo, iPads are cool. Overpriced, but cool. The software is good, too (iPad OS), but, I won’t bother getting one. If I did that, I’d *have* to justify (in some convoluted way) why I would want/need to sell this Mac – because I WOULD opt for one or the other for everyday usage. Just how I see it.nnback later

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