6:00 AM, and I will be heading out of here in about four hours. I made coffee, started dishes, need to take out the trash (eventually). Weather app says "flurries for the next hour", so that's unexpected (I don't know why I shouldn't be expecting flurries in late-January, but I just didn't see it coming).

The coffee is good, strong, bold. The morning is very cold, as per usual. But, not single-digits cold, so I should be able to feel OK when I am outside later (wherever I happen to be) and not worsening my back pain. The pain is there, but not "bad", I wouldn't say. I'll live.

codgering it up

Man, I have been smoking Hearth & Home Louisiana Red Bulk almost exclusively for the past month. And for several months before that, as well. I bought a tin of Samuel Gawith Navy Flake (a very good, and fairly pricey blend) at the start of January, and I still have roughly half of it left! And this is why I want to start a cellar - if I buy tins and just "jar" them and put them in the kitchen cabinet (or, "cellar" them), and I get multiple tins at once, I will have a small stash to fall back on for the rare occasions that I want to smoke something other than the standard VA/Per of the Louisiana Red Bulk.

what is this "codger" thing?

It's sort of an old term for someone who is A) a pipe smoker, B) smokes the same blend all the time, C) tends to use the same pipe quite often, D) and in some cases, never strays from their standard blend of choice - no matter the occasion or event or anything else. It's just what they smoke. Codgers used to be "the norm" in the pipe smoker world (Einstein, Tolkien, Chomsky, countless others). Now, everywhere you look (online, but elsewhere too, I am sure) people will be smoking a different blend every single time they sit down to have a smoke! A whole cacauphony of pipes to choose from, etc.

And a/the codger (lifestyle) is still acknowledged and celebrated in the pipe smoker world (namely the YTPC (YouTube Pipe Community)), but I wouldn't say it is "the norm" anymore.  And most everyone I have seen will have a default blend to fall back on (usually their favorite blend - or at least a favorite as an all day/everyday smoke), but with the Internet, there is so much variety, that there almost doesn't have to BE any repetition in what is smoked - be it on a weekly or even daily basis.

But me, I still prefer to "codger it up", and that is, have my daily smoke of a decent VA/Per blend, and only change up the blend when I really crave something a tad different (usually an English, but sometimes an aromatic, or whatever I may be craving). And I only really swap out pipes when one gets too "used", to too wet. And then I simply use pipe sweetener on it/them every so often, as well as reaming out the bowl to rid myself of the "cake" build up, then I let the poker rest, and come back to it later. And that is where I stray from the "codger ethos" a bit - I DO clean my pipes fairly regularly. A build up of cake (or soot, or resinous sediment) is very common with "codgering", but I like a fresh feeling/tasting pipe.

Hell, I may be the same way with instant coffee? Sort of just make the easiest thing to make and have less BS to worry about when it comes time to get my caffeine fix. Just a scoop or two into hot water, and I am off to the races! Simple :)

But I won't go into all that.

Long live the codger!