10:50 AM, Sunday morning. Made a jaunt to BP, where it was overcast and cool. The STLWX is reaching 59 degrees later, but it was only 44 when I walked to BP. And there are no special plans for the day, nor tomorrow. Tuesday is ultrasound day (not the pregnancy type), and then Wednesday there will be therapy (virtual appointment, Google Duo), and then Thursday we are making a trip to an animal rescue shelter to drop off blankets and other supplies because A) there is a surplus of blankets and bedding at the 'rents house that they have no use for anymore, B) this shelter in particular is "open for donations" in terms of animal food, toys, etc., and C) it is where one of my family members adopted a dog from previously, so it is nice to give back.

I will do laundry this evening, or more likely tomorrow morning (Monday morning, 6:00 AM, like most weeks).

Me? This is Day 6 of antibiotics, and what has been clearing up continues to clear up. I feel much better. Life is better, in general.

back soon