It's Sunday morning, and I feel like a grimy SOB, because I didn't manage to take a shower when I returned home from all the festivities yesterday. So, I must hop in real fast. But before that, a sodie pop and a blog post ;)

Tomorrow AM (Monday) will see me doing the usual - laundry. Right around dawn I will head over to the laundromat and get clothes done, because I am fairly low on clean clothes in the apartment. I could buy more clothes, but that just prolongs the weekly laundry detail into a bi-weekly laundry detail, and I already have a full load as it is, so more clothes are not an option. And I do not really mind doing laundry once per week, so it all works out.

Also, I got my Venmo debit card in the mail today (well, I fetched it from the mail today - it arrived yesterday). And I have no special plans for a Venmo card, but it could (theoretically) be a backup place for me to store cash should I need/want to. Really, I wanted to start putting money on my Revolut card straight away, but I cannot seem to link my Google Pay to Revolut, and that was sort of the whole appeal of the thing. Google Pay just... won't register for some reason with my Revolut account. Of course what it comes down to is, I need to arrange a "traditional" bank account at some point in my future, but I am hesitant to even do that, because of the usual overdraft fees (aka, a tax on the poor), and minimum balance fees (another tax on the poor), and other issues I incur with a "traditional" bank account. I seriously drop a large fraction of my income on those two (gratuitous) fees every month ALONE by having a bank account, so obviously it is not worth it. And thereinlies another reason I wanted the Revolut account - a fee-less (or at least low fee) account that could in a way "replace" a bank account, but without another external source to apply funds to the Revolut card (Google Pay (which doesn't work) or my regular debit card (which also (oddly) doesn't work)), then the Revolut account is essentially worthless.

But maybe I will find a workaround? More on that at another time.

Anyhow, for some reason I am recalling a brief period of time (between 2007-2009) when I was a heavy hot cocoa drinker. A weird thing to think of, indeed, but I am having a bowl of VA/Per tobacco out of the Rossi right now, and I picked up on a chocolate note (or, tasted chocolate in the blend for a brief moment (not uncommon with good tobacco, weirdly)), and I think that is what reminded me of it. I had given up all coffee in 2006 or so, because I didn't want anything "altering my mood", or giving me too much energy (I was already sleepless enough as it was), so I started to drink Land O' Lakes hot cocoa (many different flavors). They come in these pouches that have way more cocoa powder inside than a sypical Swiss Miss or something like that - these were "gourmet" cocoa mixes. And I remember buying them in large boxes, with maybe a dozen (pouches) in each box, and I would drink them all the time in the years mentioned. I think I only stopped in 2009 because one day (on a whim) I decided to walk to my local Shop N' Save just before sundown, and picked up a bag of Starbucks Espresso Roast, and then proceeded to brew it in the "old way" I used to when I was 17 years old (bold/dense as fxxx), and got wired to the gills. I mentioned that re-introduction to coffee a few times before on the old bloggo, where I came home that night in 2009, made roughly 1/5 of the bag of Espresso Roast in the (old, very reliable) Mr Coffee coffee maker (which I had been using since the mid-1990s at that point) and sipped java that was as thick as motor oil while I went dopamine crazy on Twitter (a new habit for me at the time), and shot the shit with all the Tila Tequila fans (who was cool at one time), and Paramore fans, and this person and that person, and all these crazy randos on Birdsite. Very reminiscent of what I had been up to roughly 10 years prior - only then, in 1999, it was AOL Chatrooms that "scratched the itch" of high octane Web usage. So, I suppose I am "impressionable" in the sense that - if something is cool, fun, and everyone does it, and it (the entire activity) is "new" (to me), then I tend to partake. AOL Chatrooms lost their luster after several years, though - as did Twitter (though it took longer than several years for me to officially quit either).

But the coffee stuck around ;) Not in the potency or quantities as I consumed it in 2009, but mostly I keep drinking it throughout the day, and no breaks or hiatus' with the stuff, at all.

Now, time for more coffee