I like my MacBook Air, and I bought it so I will have a reliable laptop for 4+ years, and I 100% plan on making this particular laptop last me for 4+ years (ideally 6 years). But, one downfall: macOS. I do not use the Mac App Store (for anything), and I think I have signed into my iCloud account exactly twice since I bought this machine in November 2021 (and it always signs me back out for whatever reason, but...whatever). All the apps I have on here are from the "open Web" (Firefox, Standard Notes, Tidal, etc.)

So, the long and short of it is, I am just going to get a small flash drive (a bootable drive) and flash Pop OS onto this machine. It will be a safe install (I HOPE!) because A) I will not piss around with dual-booting macOS and Pop OS - it will only be Pop OS (wtf would I use macOS for?), and B) I will not encrypt the disk, because that is where a boatload of problems always come in when you fuss with OS installs (in my experience, anyway - a lot of bricking has occurred that way). Encryption is good, but it won't risk fxxxing everything up for it.

So, that is a small purchase I can/will make in February. I already dialed in (or toned back) my budget significantly for February (and beyond!), and have freed up a fair amount of monies, but, a small USB-C flash drive will certainly not break the bank.

And also, it will feel good to be back on Linux. As macOS is too "bubbly" (and restrictive (and just plain weird at times)) for me. I genuinely don't see any point in keeping this OS on this machine, as I am not in any way "baked in" to the Apple ecosystem. Lack of apps, you say? What apps do I need? All the ones I could need/want are on Pop OS (except maybe Tidal - which there is a web version of the service for that). And also, I do not run around installing apps left and right. My "dock" has a file "drawer" (which they call "Finder" on macOS) , and then there are a handful of other apps on there (again, all Pop OS compatible and all from the "open web"). But anyway, I just prefer Linux more. IDK why. It's neat/cool, I guess. I also started learning web dev on Linux, and just feel like I have more control or/and know what it is that I am doing when I use it. Good times.

back soon