That's the playlist I have queued up. The song on right now is "Arse End of the Moon" by Special Request, which was recommended in a video by Darko.Audio, and I've enjoyed it ever since first hearing it.

The coffee didn't go over well - it was Luke warm, and I cannot really drink Luke warm coffee because it makes me sick. Hotter the better. I may remake it, and just heat the water more, but right now I just want to listen to music.

I'm plenty awake anyway.

So, I queue up "Crazy" by Gnarls Barkley and swim in that for a little bit.

I honestly can barely think of stuff to write when I am listening to music, but I still try sometimes.

That's why these sentences and blurbs are spaced and nothing is cohesive.

So, this gave my ears something to do, and I am enjoying it.

Sorry for the wasted post. I'll come back when I can write intelligibly, haha