89 degrees! Woo-wee! Summer came in fast, and I am A-OK with that. I have Arizona Sweet Tea on hand for long sitting sessions out on the balcony, the AC and floor fan cranked, and the sunshine coming through the blinds – atypical scenario for this time of year :)nnThe only possible improvement? A warm rain. When there are torrential downpours in warm temperatures, I feel like I am in (or *pretend* to be in) some sort of rain forest setting, and the sliding glass door remains open, and I write, and think, and ruminate, and sometimes do some sort of web development activity, and everything just seems right with the world. The best weather.nnI was thinking, when I was “out on the road” (AKA stranded in Kalispell, MT.) about how in years past I have treated my small apartment as a sort of “indoor campground”, and didn’t gather (buy) much, didn’t get *really* settled in, didn’t make the place too “cluttered” with knick knacks and ephemera – and I still 100% support this type of mindset. Sort of “indoor camping” (similar to “glamping”) when I am here at home. Keeping all material possessions to a minimum, not collecting random bits and bobs just for the sake of doing so.nnAnd I feel this way of living; lightly, with little things, in an easy/breezy type of approach to consumerism and lifestyle, it fits in with the warm weather, in some ways. As where deep freezes, stockpiling “supplies”, isolated locations where the Deep Winter(TM) consumes the mind and isolates the individual to wherever they happen to be “taking shelter” – that type of stuff is NOT for me. No thank you. nnThat’s how I see it.nnback soon

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