I have been sitting here, smoking and drinking coffee, and more or less decompressing from the hullabaloo of the social activities of the night. Was definitely a hectic night - no question. I am oh so very glad to be home, in my "nest", my "hub", my "nook", not needing to concern myself with anyone or anything.

Anyway, the less family events I attend the better from here on out, I've decided. O'Family Reunions, BBQ's, graduations, etc. - they are all hectic events, and I am better off without them. I can be a stranger, it doesn't matter.

As for Now, I just finished the coffee (and my smoke), and am carrying on with the night. I am also counting down the days (literally two days) before I order my CBD gummies, and have them fast-tracked to my apartment ASAP. Other things can/will be ordered, too, but I am not concerned as much with any of those things as I am with the CBD gummies (which I think will do me a lot of good :)).

More on the therapeutic effects (or expected therapeutic effects) of CBD in the near future, but for now, I need rest.

back soon