Well, I managed to blurb out a few text entries between here and a non-listed blog, and all of the entries had the same general subject matter: I have nothing to write about. Haha. It’d probably be an anomaly of writing if *anyone* could write ish that they, the writer, found of general interest every single day. And in terms of “days off” from writing, I had roughly a week of not writing during the first week of May, because I was vagabonding, and SOL in Montana, but that was the longest stint I had gone without putting this or that into an online journal in several years perhaps. I took five or six days away from writing in early-2020, I think, and that was like holding my breath while trying to wind sprint up a hill – so, I don’t like NOT writing.nnAgain, like the saying goes: “they can’t all be winners” in regards to actual **quality** of the writing, but stuff gets put out there anyway, and I can’t pretend that someone (anyone, and *especially* not me) can write something of sincere interest day in/day out.nnWow, this entry turned into a post that sounded like a “sorry for not updating, guys” type of thing. So, I’ll just wrap it up, and put something here later. Hopefully it will have a subject matter, but it might not. Sorry in advance if it doesn’t :/nnback soon

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