The budget seems to look good for December, but my only worry is that the gifts I order (I need to order three more) may not arrive in any “reasonable” amount of time. So I am going to have to try to buy local for gifts this holiday season (and not rely on shipping whatsoever – which is actually a pretty damn good idea).nnEither way, the gifts will get here, and I am looking forward to it (the holiday, not necessarily the gifts).nnAnd I also plan on buying the Cricket Hotspot in *January*, and NOT December, I decided, because I will have $$$ tied up in Xmas stuff in December, and that is more important, so…nnAnd speaking of “stuff”, the shower curtain + shower curtain insert + steel hooks (instead of plastic hoops) + shower pad are all arriving tomorrow (my birthday!), so that is a nice coincidence :)nnIt also marks *exactly* one year since I bought this MacBook Air (base model 2020, Intel i3 inside), and I am pretty happy with it a year in, overall. There are issues with the OS updates being too frequent, and taking too long to DO the updates themselves – but, overall it is a good experience. Expect a lot of people to be doing their “One Year With M1” posts tomorrow, because the M1 Macs (Air/13-inch Pro) both came out on Nov. 17, 2020, so a lot of people likely lined up at Apple Stores (for the ones that were still open) and got theirs on the release date.nnAnd to be totally honest, this may be my last macOS device, as I simply have too many gripes with the company and the way they do business, collect data, and are just generally pariahs in the tech community. I can do better, so the next “big” device purchase will reflect my personal principles (my principles of not supporting bad co’s). So in all likelihood I will do a DIY Linux machine, be it Pop OS, or Linux Mint, or whatever the case – I’ll choose an OS that suits me, and stick with it.nnNot to say the MacBook isn’t treating me well now, though. And I plan to get *years* from this machine (if I can), as that was the whole point of purchasing this device – to make it last as long as possible.nnOK, enough rambling. Back to (more!) coffee! 🙂

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