Surprisingly, I had no trouble ordering the two gifts for my sisters from RalphLauren(.com). I figured they (the website) would be giving me a hard time due to the fact that my debit card (due to it’s age) is oftentimes flagged as a “prepaid” card, even though it is not. I also thought there may be an issue with the billing address, because I *just* updated that with the bank over the phone, and I had no idea if they put “Saint” or “St” for St Louis, but, it all worked out :)nnI also ordered the fire extinguisher for moms for Xmas (it’s what she wanted).nnAnd, (for myself), I ordered the usual pound of VA/Per tobacco + a Dr Grabow pipe (one I’ve mentioned before, that I really like – the Royal Duke), + a long overdue Decatur pipe pouch + Kentucky tobacco + a small/portable pipe stand for next to the easy chair *and* a 3-pipe pipe *rack*, for storing pipes not in-use (as they currently just sit on a shelf in the cabinet in the kitchen – not good for the pipe nor the shelf (due to (gross) leakage)). All that sounds expensive, but these items were not pricey, at all, and sort of standard type of stuff I would order from TobaccoPipes(.com) at any given time (except for the accessories – usually I spend this amount on tobacco alone!).nnTrouble with the hotspot, though. On the Cricket Wireless website there is a `kountSessionError` with their “cart”, and no matter how many times I’ve tried to change/edit the cart with Cricket Wireless, it doesn’t let me do the final step (which is pay/checkout). The issue doesn’t surprise me because Cricket has had a crap website since forever, but it prevents me from ordering the hotspot, for now. There *is* a Cricket Store in Arnold, Missouri, though (which is near where my sister lives, not far away), so I will have to go there to buy this device, I think. More on that later.nnBack soon

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