Got the gifts chosen for everyone. What a relief! Carts are filled, budget is done, all is good :)nnNow some (celebratory) coffee :PnnHad apples with organic PB for supper tonight. Tasty!nnIt’s a nice night. Chilly, but not cold (47F), and I have the central fan going, and…yea, nothing too exciting there.nnGonna be up late. Perhaps all night? I head out of here at 10:30 AM tomorrow for running around, busy busyness. All is good.nnAnd, as promised, I will *fast track* the shipment for the Cricket Wireless Hotspot when I order it tonight (if they let me choose shipping options, that is). I want that SOB ASAP!nnAlso, there are some rearrangements happening in my apartment this month, but I don’t think the Polk Audio speakers (+ stands) are going to make the cut. The speakers built-in to the TV I am getting (which I am getting for free, as a hand-me-down) work just fine, and have *been* working just fine for the past several years, so I will not worry about the PA speakers. And namely, not worry about the (non-Bluetooth, non-remote-controlled) NobSound mini amp that I would use to connect said speakers. It’s just too much of everything with that type of rig. I am sure I will *try* to make it work, but the PA speakers have been collecting dust in the walk-in closet for lord knows how long, and I am just not really much of a “speaker person”. Still love headphone hi-fi (head-fi) stuff, though! I think the AT headphones will work great with the TV once I have a DAC set up with it (I am thinking a gaming DAC with a Toslink connection from the TV, and then the headphones plugged into the DAC (*if* the TV has Toslink, which I think it does)). Either way, the audio situation with the TV will be improved with good headphones no matter what.nnAnd I mention gaming, but a gaming DAC is far as I’ll go on that front. I don’t need/want a console, or some insane (and insanely expensive) setup, at all. I was a gamer circa 2004/5 and I wasn’t very happy at the time, and I gave up games the same time I gave up the Internet (for nine months or so), and of course I returned to the Internet and took up blogging, but games I never went back to, and I am glad I never went back. I was *soo* bored when I was not playing them, and when I *was* playing them, and it became a 24/7 obsession it seemed like. Fxxx that.nnAnyway, gonna get back to the coffee. Be back in a bit!n

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