Ghost-y update-y stuff

Figured I'd launch the Terminal, see what trouble I could get myself into ;)

Actually I just needed to update/upgrade to the latest version of Ghost software, which actually DID need an upgrade, from 5.4 to 5.8.something-or-other.

So, standard shit before getting into the Ghost "files", "folders, "directories", or whatever the terminology is:

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get upgrade

...for the server, itself

Then logged into Ghost

su - username

cd /var/www/username

(using my actual username)


ghost check-update

"Minor update avail, 5.4 can go to 5.8.something-or-other" (I am paraphrasing)


ghost backup

Theme error, as is always the case. Fails at backing up my moderately updated theme, because Ghost wants everyone to use the exact same three themes, and updates every single little arbitrary line of CSS and everything else within their theme files, which then "breaks" all other themes that don't use that "syntax" or whatever, and then the theme scores low on "Gscan" (Ghost theme compatibility software), and makes everything a huge headache for everyone - when they could just keep these silly things the same, and have some longevity/future-proofing to old(er) themes. But, I digress...

I basically skip the backup, because I am not going to spend an hour or more updating the .hbs files for a theme, and just go ahead and run;

ghost update

Error, but non-critical error: the Ghost CLI needs to be updated, but proceeds to download the software update regardless, tossing me errors - maybe because the Ghost CLI needs to be updated? Lemme have a chance to UPDATE it!

I run the update for Ghost CLI:

sudo npm i -g ghost-cli@latest

Updated and ready to go. So now;

ghost update

Triple chmod error-thing. I get three consecutive errors that are referencing chmod (which I knew what that was at one point, but have forgotten), and it tells me the exact sudo command to run in order to fix each one. So, I Copy/Paste each, one at a time, and then (finally):

ghost update

And now I am on the latest, greatest version of Ghost

That killed a few minutes time

Now, coffee

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