So I went ahead and jumped into the VPS and ran the sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get upgrade commands, and after that I looked at the proper steps for updating the Ghost software, itself (as I always forget the process (I don't know why)), and I have those steps written in a simple TextEdit file in my "dev stuffs" folder on my Desktop, which goes something like:

  • login as Ghost user
  • locate where the Ghost folder is located (using the cd prompt)
  • then enter PW
  • then run ghost update

...and then, Voila! Everything is updated and looks good (from my end (I think, I hope)). I also updated the Ghost CLI, which was from version 6.something to 8.something (I believe), and I ran that before I did the general ghost update. Should I have ran it after the ghost update? Maybe. Maybe yes, maybe no. I don't know. But it is what it is. For now ;)

So, my mind kinda thinks about possible web development projects I could be taking on, that I might find an interest in. But, doing a project (of any size) from scratch is a Pain In The Butt! I have plenty of good concepts/ideas, but getting everythng working together in a reasonable manner can (and usually does) take days and weeks to implement a single element, and it might not even be a "neat feature", it could be a simple core element to have the service/app/whatever even be functional in the first place!

That, and I am totally realistic that if I did get a web app working , I would then be maintaining the thing, and if something broke, it could be another X amount of days and weeks before I got the service working again.

So, I have to be practical about the whole damn thing.

For now, I will hit "pause" on any type of from-scratch projects/ideas, and come around to them again at another time. Other ish to do in life.

back soon