...it's a lot of a lot. I like the "big, polished, professional" looks of Ghost (it is nice), but for my menial platform needs, I am just as comfortable writing on W.a as I am here (when it comes to text editors/tools: blank is blank - and YOU make the words!). But I do like the self-hosted element to this here bloggo, but I don't like any of the themes whatsoever, and I don't need a lot of the "Dashboard back end" stuff that is offered, either.

If I had a newsletter (or even really cared about newsletters), then maybe I could use Ghost as a substitute for Substack, but of course this is not only non-theoretical, but it is totally preposterous, because newsletters are preposterous for my style of writing/updates/etc. I'd say that I am more of just a writer, and not really a "professional" writer, per se. So, I just wanna hammer text on the daily and hopefully have/meet/make some friends along the way - I don't need to do anything more than that.

Anyway, I will update here more, but I will be writing a fair deal over on write.as/tmo for a fair deal.

back soon