The U.S. government is offering free COVID-19 tests to U.S. residents via USPS (four tests per single-family household), and all you (I) have to do is fill in some basic info on the USPS website, and they send them out (they will actually start going in the mail late-January, the website said). So, I ordered mine, and I will track it via Informed Delivery (by USPS) or/and through e-mail, because I have shipping notifications turned on there, too. So, good!

Slightly unrelated: I forgot I was hammering out this blog post (or, I should say I got busy with other things), and went over to Schnucks and bought three packs of Dill's Pipe Cleaners (32-count, each), and the lady who opened the cabinet to get them for me had to actually wipe dust off of the box because no one had bought them before since she had started working there (I think she has been there for close to a year - that I've noticed). But, other than lighters, they are the only tobacco product Schnucks sells - no cigarettes, no cigars, nothing like that (and even the lighters can have other purposes besides smoking). They don't sell pipe tobacco or cleaners at BP, either - but they DO sell glass pipes (for marijuana, obviously), so other than Schnucks, I would have to go to Dirt Cheap Cigarettes & Beer (a mile+ away) to get pipe cleaners.

Anyway, the pipes are cleaned up, and I have a bowl of VA/Per tobacco packed in the Rossi, and also made a cup of instant Folgers, so, my morning is starting off just fine :)

Also, I still have a tad bit of a headache for whatever reason. I took a single Extra Strength Tylenol (my last one!) last night, and that helped, but that has long since worn off, so...IDK.

ok, back soon