I have been hacking and coughing for the past couple of weeks, and now I am NOT hacking/coughing at all. I just feel like I must have gotten over something (I doubt COVID - as I am double vaxxed/boosted + had it once already). I have no clue what I am getting over, other than a general cold perhaps? IDK. I am glad it is clearing up though, that is for sure.

So, it is 4:00 AM now, and there is a chance I do laundry at/around 6:00 AM, as I usually do on Monday. That is more or less the plan, anyway.  It is 32F outside right now, so not blistering cold - just at the freezing mark, lol!

Anyway, I have therapy (virtual, Google Duo) this Wednesday, but as for the rest of this week, no special plans have been made. Which is the way to do it, if one can afford themselves to do so.

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