So, I just woke up from four(4) hours of sleep – that’s it, not five hours, not three, four hours like I *always* end up getting. And this is a very bad thing. I *need* 7+ hours of sleep. Nightly. So, I am going to get a new mattress (a GOOD one!) ASAP. I went to my “Master To-Do List” (for the **Thanx** Project), and added these:nn- improve sleep schedule (buy better mattress)n- buy Whiteboard + colored markers for my apartment to keep me on-tasknn**Two questions:**nn- Why a whiteboard?nnandnn- Why is a mattress purchase (improving sleep) in my **Thanx** Master To-Do List?nnnTo the first question, because a whiteboard is a big, jarring, ever-present thing that will not only REMIND me, but MOTIVATE me to get the next *thing* done with the **Thanx** Project (no matter how small that thing may be).nnBut, (and this is MUCH more important) I *need* good, Good, GOOD sleep in order to have the energy and wherewithal TO do…*anything*! I also need plenty of calories in the house. A mattress is the #1 reason I don’t have good sleep. Right now, my mattress is old enough/beaten up enough to not hurt my back/hips when I sleep on it, I just can’t sleep long *enough* on it, because of that very reason. So, I will get the Casper Mattress (I forget the exact co who makes it) as soon as I can – I don’t care of the cost.nn”Priorities: set them!” – Raam Dev

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