Getting my posts from THERE to HERE via "noob cheating"


I seriously don't see how so many things can be so easy and then something comes along that stops all possible progress :(

What I am referring to, is actually nothing serious or consequential in life - I am fine. What my dilemma is, is I am trying to import my CSV file into WordPress, and the installation of WP was painless/simple (h/t to Mike for that one) mostly in part due to the Linode Marketplace link he showed me (I remembered the Linode Marketplace at one point, and tried to remember what it was, and then landed on Cloudron in that re-searching process, and assumed Cloudron is what I had seen (as Cloudron is sort of a Marketplace for VPS-type of...thing)). And LMP offers a lot, incl easy as fuck WP installs. So I configured a $5 per mo "Nanode", and got WP on there. I didn't even assign a domain, instead using the IP address/wp-admin/ as the log-in for the site. And I was able to verify the install, log-in, add the WP All Import plugin, activate it, upload the CSV file, choose a lot of elements from within the configuration as to how I wanted posts to look, etc., and then, as the files were being processed, the amount processed vs the amounts of files (blog posts) that had errors and were therefore skipped were one in the same. 8570 files (blog entries) were processed, but none of them "took". And the end result reflected as much.

So, everything was saying to check the WP Error Logs with my hosting provider. A lot of the more detailed elements suggested I contact the hosting provider (such as BlueHost, or whoever the hell is out there), and that they (the hosting provider) could tell me what went wrong in terms of the procsessing errors (or, fix the errors themselves). Thing is, I am hosting this myself. So I don't have anyone to contact (lol!). Now this is a good thing, because hosting providers sound ridiculous (I suppose they just run other people's servers for them? I am not even 100% sure what a hosting provider is, tbh).

So, then I start to see what I could do to access the WP Error logs. And there are really two immediate ways:

  • using a WP plugin (yes, another one) that is simply called WP Debugger


  • some sort of FTP application, which, whatever - I'm not getting involved that in depth to find a damn error log

Now, the WP All Import plugin did say that I could reduce the "segments" that the upload (of the blog posts/files) are in (so, instead of processing 20 "sections" per...second(?), I could cut it down to 10, or to 5. That would make the transfer lengthier in duration, and I risk hitting a server max timeout limit, so I am going to keep it balanced at 10 "segments" per...whatever. Second, I suppose.)

But, I am going to see about rebooting my Linode with WP on there, and just make sure the whole damn thing is actually "seeing" what is going on here. I mean, all this shit is occurring ON the VPS - the WP Admin Dashboard, the plugin upload wizard, the processing, the errors, etc. - but, somehow/somewhere the database, or whatever it is, is not accepting the actual things being put there.

And then again, the VPS should be fine, as all documentation suggests (and I am lead to believe) that these ARE, in fact, WordPress-centric errors. But I cannot find/access the error logs, so I am not even sure where to start with reverse engineering whatever the hell :/

Oh, and I tried the WP Debugger plugin that was recommended, and I was literally getting batshit errors for misaligned CSS elements and PHP errors popping up right there, on and over the Admin Dashboard! Lol! Real classy!

So, I don't have the first clue on how the WP Debugger plugin works.

Trial run #2

Ok, before I finished writing this blog post, I ran the WP Import All plugin again, and this time I was sure to be clear what the Title {slug[1]} was AND the Body [body[1]} was, and now it seems to be importing all of the posts from into the newly created WP site.

I had a hunch it was a Title/ Body related error, because even though it didn't STOP me from proceeding on the previous attempt, it DID give me a few "Preview" errors. I was following the documentation, though, and it said I could fill out as much or as little as I liked on that form, so I didn't think it would be an issue.

But I guess now if this all works, I will have a Title and a Body, which is always nice to have in the blog post, lol!

[ Update part 2 ]

Ok, it seems everything has been imported into the WP site, and it is ugly, but legible. Doesn't seem to know what to do with the embeds from, so those are just big ass, plain text URLs :/

It can't make heads or tails of opening/closed code tags, or code blocks or whatever. So those are plainly visible, too.

Essentially, none of it imported as Markdown, which is weird, and I would likely try to fix this, but if I enable all files to just BE Markdown in/on Ghost (on, where everything is being imported to), shouldn't all that formatting sort of just..."take"?

We'll see.

And I'll try to make some sort of search engine filter (which I know I cannot do) on Ghost, or do something within the tagging scheme to let those who do a search on that these are OLD/imported posts, and will likely look like shit.


Mission sorta accomplished. But now I gotta EXPORT the .json file and cross my fingers that I can get it onto

Thanks again, and h/t, high five, and kudos to Mike for the links to resources for this stuff (hell, just getting WP installed on my VPS to START with would have been a full day of finagling stuff if it hadn't been for the Linode Marketplace).


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