generalizations of "Cancel Culture", and social media user's attitudes - comments on that nature

"It's my bloggy and I write what I want to"

...and I honestly cannot remember the artist who's song I am referencing ("It's my party and I'll cry if I want to")

So, Cancel Culture. The thing that has been ongoing (for the most part on social media) for the past several years (2020 on forward, at least). The public and platformed ostracism of people for expressing their opinion. It's a thing I heard of, and then looked up, in mid-2020 over six months after I left the last two social media platforms I was clinging to (Twitter and Instagram). I have no direct experience with it, nor have I witnessed it in a straight forward way (though I saw several videos of Ellen DeGeners being "cancelled" (her show, that is).

It's a thing that goes on, but it shouldn't, really. It's fighting negativity with negativity, though oftentimes, it is fighting passing opinions with heightened negativity. And, it is still going on, I guess.

So this is (what I wrote, and am writing) just some words on it, not to assume I am drumming up some grand determination or maxim on it all.

What's more present in "the West", I think, is the attitudes and beliefs of social media users, in general. Those (most people) who use(d) social platforms for over a decade (myself included), and their general "approach", "belief", or "attitude" about...everything. It's not even a "stance" on a particular subject, or a tangible set of beliefs, it's just "an attitude" on things, in life, in general.

What I am sort of saying is, those who are going though/experiencing social media addiction, have a way of just being generally shitty. And that's very true. Of you, of me, of anyone who puts in their hours (daily) of social network consumption (past or present - either were shitty, or are proactively being shitty.) Again, this is my portion of the (smol)Web, so I am just saying what I want, basically. And this is in no way a "cancelling of those who partake in social networks" - though that is a clever interpretation of a post like this, and I am proud of myself for seeing it in that (amusing) light. LOL!

So there we have some blurbs and words about all of that.

I stood balconyside, rain surrounding me, and I decided to muse about this concept (as intangible and "loose" as it is) via the written word.

Hope all are well, and I will be back soon

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