No photo, because I devoured them. But I made this make-at-home thing from Red Lobster - garlic butter cheddar biscuits, and damn, they were tasty! It's also probably the only thing I could eat from the menu if I ever went to Red Lobster (which I wouldn't). Vegetarianism isn't that limiting, though - as I think veganism would likely be slightly limiting. But it doesn't matter what one calls themselves, it's just what they continue to choose to eat on a daily basis. For me, tonight, that was garlic butter cheddar biscuits (which are vegetarian), so, no regrets :P I'll be glad when Summer rolls around again and I can jump back into a high fruit diet. Best thing ever :)

Anyway, been kind of a drag of a night for me tonight - nothing happening (which is usually the case), nothing to do, and it is just a usual Sunday, where it seems like everything STOPS for one reason or another. I always felt that way about this day of the week.

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