I use Firefox for nearly everything. On macOS, on Android (10, lol!), and it is the only browser I have used for 2+ years now. I don’t use Chrome on Android, because Chrome doesn’t *really* work that well on the Android phones I have had (continual crashing on the Pixel 3a (now sold off on Craigslist)). In fact, I always used DuckDuckGo browser on Android phones, because it “just works”. But now I use Firefox.nnANYWAYnnI was looking around some bloggos, came across [this post from lazybear.io](https://lazybear.io/posts/librewolf-a-privacy-friendly-firefox/), which is a blog I haven’t seen in a while (wtg old browser history! :)), and I read his thing about LibreWolf, and decided to check out LibreWolf, itself, and wound up on the [LibreWolf install page for macOS](https://librewolf.net/installation/macos/), and decided to give it a whirl.nnIt is successfully installed, but there were hiccups, indeed.nnFirst, I went ahead and just tried running the command:nn`brew install –cask librewolf`nn…and I got several PAGES (it seems) in errors. I didn’t know what I was doing wrong, so I copied the last error and pasted it into the DDG search bar, thinking: “come on, StackOverflow! Show me the nerd words and make all my problems go away!” Sure enough, they came through and said it was a network issue, and then I realized what I did wrong – I was trying to use Homebrew without having PDAnet activated on the MacBook. That’s a long story, but I activated it, and then ran the above command again.nnThis time, a “tap” error. Another Copy > Paste job showed me (on StackOverflow, again) that I simply needed to run `brew update` and then `brew upgrade`, and then revisit my cask tapping duties, and everything should work fine. nnAnd it did!nnA screenshot:nn![](https://i.snap.as/CIddeeg6.png)n(nice, clean, minimal)nnI’ll see what I can do with this browser (everything Firefox can do, apparently – it’s just a privacy-centric fork). Moz://a **IS** a privacy-centric company, but they do a lot of ish that annoys me (such as the Google “Pinned” search feature in the browser drop-down bar (which cannot be UNpinned, the “pin” silhouette is simply there for cosmetic reasons)), as well as partnering with Miscrosoft for cookie tracking/data exchange…things – I don’t know what the hell that is all about. I hope that isn’t an issue with LibreWolf.nnWe’ll see how this browser goesnnback later

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