Been a lot of people that are adopting right out of the gate, and I think that is pretty cool. *I* don’t have a particular vested interest in it (though, I *do* hope it succeeds and leads to meeting more folks), but…yea – glad it is here :)nnI am having hot coffee now. Espresso-like type of stuff that is fairly thick/bold, feeling good.nn**a head shave**nnI am going to shave my head soon, I think. Maybe sometime this month? I don’t know. Not that I don’t like having hair, it’s that I like to NOT have hair more! (That’s a backwards way of saying “it feels good to have a shaved head”, lol!).nnThing is, I am hat-less, because I sort of over-decorated the old punker hat, and now it looks preposterous and ugly, and I am going to trash it. But, I need a hat to replace it. Right? Not necessarily. I can just “sport” the bald look if I choose, which would be fine, except my head gets cold. nnAnyway, this is all superfluous shit, and I just wanted to take note that I am going to be shaving my head for S&G’s, I think.nn(this coffee is delicious, and I am fairly wired)nnOn with the night!

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