So, for the past hour+ I worked on Thanx. I am very confident that it is the fetch array method that I am supposed to be using to get the data (from a/the textarea) and placing it (or repeating it, echoing it - I don't know the lingo) onto the /profile.php page.

So, fetch IS what I am supposed to be doing. This narrows down a lot of things. So, that is a relief.

Now, I tend to be terrible at explaining myself (usually) when it comes to web dev - as I know what I am doing, but simply cannot verbalize it, nor write it out properly. But, there is an include statement (which is the term I will use here) where I can do this:


And this goes at the TOP of the page that I want to use it at. The location of where I put the include statement/argument/whatever is not important for this example, though - but just that I can use it, and that I can write out an entire (dedicated) page of PHP, and have it be it's own thing, and just "attach" it to the initial page I am working with.

This makes things easier in many respects, don't ask me how.

Now, what I am doing now (or will be doing tomorrow, or sometime soon) is working on the syntax for the fetch array. I won't even bother trying to explain a word of it, because it'd be all mish-mashed bullshit that even I wouldn't totally understand if I conveyed it here. LMAO!

Tomorrow, I pick up where I left off. Probably. I might skip a day - IDK.

back soon