I am sitting here in the living room, having moved away from the window where the desolate neighbors of the apartment complex passed by outside. I am sitting in the easy chair, dishwasher running, awaiting the proper utensils to be done washing so I can make lunch. That is, a hot lunch. I have been consuming fruit for the past day and a half (besides a few (room temperature) Pop Tarts), and I could use a change of pace. Not sure what I will make in terms of a hot lunch, but it will not be fruit, and that is all I care about.

In the meantime, I have been catching up on blog posts I overlooked on Smol.pub, and seeing what's what in terms of people's thoughts, ideas, writing, etc.

Back to fruit sickness; I took my new psych med a bit ago, and it is something that is supposed to be taken with a meal. So, I took it with a 1/2 Liter of water + two bananas. Usually this is an OK combo, but I have been eating so much fruit lately, that the mixture doesn't agree with me. So, now I am extra fruit sick.

Soon, the proper cooking utensils will be washed and clean, and I can prepare a proper lunch.

Back to reading; I also have been catching up on blogs from Midnight.pub, which is very similar to Smol.pub, but sometimes different writers - good stuff though.

1Feed - a ghost town. No other "outer" blogs updating outside of sort of tiny networks within S.p, M.p, and R.w.a - other than Mike's Places and Bix Blog, which I've struggled with getting their feeds onto 1Feed for whatever unknown reason. I'm pretty sure they both use Ghost, so I am not entirely sure why 1Feed was being persnickety about adding their RSS source.

So, I read a lot more blogs than just what is on my blogroll. In fact, there are significantly more blogs on my RSS reader, but I do not add them to the blogroll because we probably have nothing in common, and I figured I'd do the "blogs like this" approach to making a blogroll, and not send someone through a loop when/if they decided to click through the blogroll to see other stuff similar to this blog. I DO need to add some more bloggos (to the blogroll) in the future, though. Soon.

I think the dishes are about done. Back soon