71 degrees outside, with a high of 71 degrees for the day. And, scattered thunderstorms are in the forecast! nnMy. fxxxing. jam.nnWarm rains are the best weather ever, and Spring warm rains are *sooo* replenishing and enjoyable, I cannot wait for the rain to start falling! :)nnI made my way to Schnucks, and I bought mangoes, bananas, oranges, and a couple of sodas to see me through. The sodie will be drank separate from the fruit, because they never mix (soda doesn’t really “mix” with anything – it’s not even food. Just chemical sugar water).nnSo, I will be eating almost exclusively fruit today. I do this every so often, and sometimes go three days with *just* fruit. My record is six days before I “break down” and have something besides raw fruit (but whatever I DO choose to eat is still vegetarian, of course (8 years, baby!)).nnOn that, it will be 8 years vegetarian on August 1, 2022.nnFunny thing, when I was walking back from Schnucks, the birds were flying everywhere (as they always do, because they make nests up within the signs of the buildings in that “strip mall”), and one came flying up from behind me, and surprised me a bit, and then it made a right turn and slammed into the glass on the Pet Supplies Plus store. LOL! I shouldn’t be laughing at it, but it seemed unharmed, and just sort of sat on the ground, staring up, and I walked around it.nnNow, I await the rain. And wind. And thunder. And everything that comes with it.nnback soon

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