The wind chimes ring at the apartment below mine, in the frigid, blustery wind of deep Winter here in Missouri. Everything looks desolate and dead outside. I would hate to be homeless in a scenario like this (I've been there before - just not in cold temperatures, as the name of the game when you're homeless is: get somewhere WARM, and FAST!). So, I am feeling a bit grateful to have a little dry place to call my own when the STLWX turns to shit like this. Being outdoors, hiking, camping, or just being outside at any time, in general, is usually nice - but when the depths of Winter hit, I want to be inside as much as possible.

And now, in the frozen distance, I hear the frozen ring of the frozen church bells at the frozen church down the street. In many ways, South St Louis County is not all too different from Jefferson County, Missouri in terms of number of churches. Which I suppose can be said for most of the Midwest - they are everywhere. A dozen per dozen miles. I don't go to church, though. I don't even worship anything other than Mother Nature, herself. And even on overcast, grim days like today, I feel a deep appreciation for being able to observe the beauty of a planet like this.

But here is to brighter, sunnier, and more tolerable days in the future, eh?