![]([via Minimal Mac]( (a [Patrick Rhone]( production)nn**So** many things have changed in the past 10 years! Now, it is nearly a no-brainer that the majority of households in the developed world only use a smartphone as their only computing device. My sisters and mother never touch their desktop computers, and my nieces would be the same way if not for schoolwork. nnBut in 2011, indeed it *was* a challenge!nnI remember in 2013 or so thinking to myself: “OK, I am always broke, and $75 per mo is going out the door for WiFi and my Windows 8 machine is a piece of crap – *could* I get by with just using the unlimited data plan on my iPhone, and not use a computer at all?” It seemed hella daunting, and I ended up NOT doing it. But then, in 2015, I decided to go “mobile-only” and stick with just whatever smartphone I was using at the time and my iPad Air 2 (tethered – sometimes over crappy 2G), and I eventually whittled it down to just the phone (as the iPad had to be sold to “make ends meet” one month (long story)). And, I stayed that way until early-2017 sometime, I think. I didn’t start to experiment with a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B until around that time, and that’s when I bought a 16 inch monitor, and was back in “desktop land” again, all of a sudden. And desktops *are* the way to go, lemme tell ya. But, I think the “challenges” that I always seemed to stumble across online sort of *enthralled* me a bit. Like “the Google Glass-only Challenge” (for those with deep pockets (and when GG still existed)), or, the e-book “#iPadOnly” (which the book title *actually* includes the hashtag in it’s name), or, SOME sort of “*challenge*” that was essentially taking a piece of somewhat limited technology, and using it as one’s ONLY device for a prolonged period of time, or even permanently!nnI can see people trying to do an Apple Watch-only Challenge, or something to that effect. Or, maybe even a Google Home (home speaker) Challenge, and basically having an interface-less OS for their day-to-day lives, and never utilizing anything outside of that (a significant amount of challenges with that one in and of itself!).nnBut, it’s neat to think about. And how the world has changed in a decade.nn

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