Got a nice e-mail just now, from a blogger/coder, and I checked his new blog and the dark background and blue foreground made me remember (for whatever reason) the time I had the "Painkiller Bullet" theme applied to tmo (which was black/green), and I wanted to revisit that, and use something similar here on Ghost. So, I went to "Design" and "Brand" and made the foreground (of some/most parts) of this bloggo a neon green color. Looks better than the light black/pumpkin orange color scheme I was using before, in my opinion.

But still, I want to get a different theme for this bloggo altogether in time. The current theme is being used because it is one (of like five) that are categorized as "blog" themes here on Ghost that are free (really? Five? Can't there be a baker's dozen?), and is also not hideous. Still looking at Drbyll for the theme of choice here, and I am keeping things to a bare minimum (less links everywhere, less clutter, etc.) until then.

Now, the first cup of actual fresh coffee of the day (and not reheated espresso). I made this cup bold, but not espresso bold. That, and I had dinner (just oatmeal), and am now having a pipe, and thinking on if I should work on Thanx anymore tonight? I mean, I read, and researched, and even tested some code here and there (I think on both w3schools and JSFiddle) earlier this morning (for about 1.5 hours), and I want to look into more stuff in a tad bit here. And I don't see why not, so away I go! :)