How did I not realize this? I guess I am still reeling from May The Fourth (be with you). nnNothing eventful happened today, so that is fine, but weird how I didn’t recognize this “cult-y holiday”. Even though Friday the 13th usually happens a *few* times of the year, so that negates it from being a holiday. But…whatever. nnMe? I am inside for the night. I also shower, shaved, and had a fast dinner, but am planning a more “indulgent” midnight snack – I plan on making crisper fries and having those just before I do the resistance bands workout, which I have not done in several weeks. nnSo, I hope all out there had a good day. I am feeling healthy and grateful. Glad I am not bummin’ around (anymore) in Kalispell, MT. Happy to be home.

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