Friday that feels like Saturday, and some SMS catch ups

I was texting with my sister "C" earlier, and she wants me to get tested for a stomach disease of some sort, and she will get tested likewise, because there was some obscure discovery that a single Uncle (of six siblings from that bunch) has this gene. I may mention it to my gastroenterologist in the future, I may not. Not too concerned with it.

Also texted with my best bud "B", and he is doing a guitar tech gig in Illinois, and said he is likely to meet the members of Everclear (a popular band from the 1990's, but they haven't been on my radar much at all in the past 20+ years). But, Art (the singer) was in The Other F Word, and that is a fascinating documentary, so, I'mm happy "B" gets to (potentially) meet him :)

I kinda/sorta feel gross with a malaise of general "ickyness" because I've come down with some virus, which could be Omicron, but it is something. I have a heightened immune system from COVID diagnosis past as well as vaccines, so it may be a different virus entirely, but it is something. It's been going on for a week, and is not serious/severe - just general "yuck" feeling. I shall tough it out.

And no, it isn't stomach-related, at all, so it isn't "tHe GeNe", lol!

I spat words with Neighbor "S" earlier, too. He sat and guzzled a Steel Reserve beer, as I politely sat and had a Diet Pepsi and a cig. I more or less continued the text conversations with "C" and "B" in that time, because he (Neighbor "S") sat porchside and laughed maniacally and sporadically to himself, even though I laughed and asked "what is so funny" a bunch of times, but he was in some alcohol-induced state of full-fledged psychosis, or whatever the fuck, and I just kindly talked/mentioned a few things here and there between he bouts of insane chuckling about...who knows what he was laughing at? I guess that's a forever mystery.

Anyway, back home now. Having coffee and carrying on.

back later

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