Had a shower, shaved, brushed my teeth, and now, some (bad tasting) coffee (because of said teeth brushing). nnRight Now, honestly, I am sort of feeling relieved that I “figured out” what the hell was (or *is*) going wrong with me, in terms of “rage”, feeling frustrated, and being worked up so much all of the time – blood pressure. I am 99% sure this is what it is, and this is what I am going with.nnSo, I will get this sorted soon.nnThe coffee, (that is bad tasting), is a 1 1/2 scoop number, because three(3) scoops is far too much (and probably worsens the BP). So, I am going to start toning it down (significantly) with coffee, with *every* cup I make in the future, and going with a 2 scoop or less practice. Better choice.nnI am kinda of in the mood for Paramore. So I will put that music on in a minute. But not as I am writing a blog post, because music listening + blog writing tends to not really “mix” very well (for me). I enjoy both, but I *just* want to hear the music, and not put attention on anything else when I am doing so. That, and any given blog post I am writing can wait, because I will just write another one later.nnVery, *very* relieved about the BP realization thing. Just gotta go with the flow.nnback soon

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