Was on my way to Schnucks to get iced coffee + other things, saw my neighbor Steven on his balcony, asked him if I could bum a smoke, he offered me a pack, I took him up on the offer πŸ™‚ Then we sat there on his balcony and BS’d for 20 minutes or so, and I said I would stop by around 12:30 (after he does some running around he needs to do) and we would have some sodies and hang for a bit.nnAfter talking for 20 minutes, I decided to come home instead of going to Schnucks, as I can go to Schnucks when I am out and about (around 12:30) later on, because…just because. Seems easier that way.nnNow, I am home with coffee, and writing, and planning on being up late tonight because there will be things that need to get done later on this eve. All is good.nnAnd speaking of “fresh”, the air is clean/crisp, the leaves on the ground are all dead, the leaves on the *trees* are dead, too, just haven’t fallen yet, and it feels like a 100% Fall day. Winter will be arriving soon, along with snow, and awesome landscapes to go with it.nnAll is OK around here. Be back soon.

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