Tastes good, is waking me up proper. And, there is a Winter weather advisory in effect in STL - starting at 6:00 PM there will be rains until early tomorrow AM, and then it turns into heavy snow, with accumulation of 1-3 inches. So, I guess I am glad I stocked up on food :) The roads are going to be terrible, which usually happens around this time each year, anyway.

Been sitting here puffing away on (and enjoying immensely) some SG Navy Flake tobacco from the Rossi pipe, and it is a good way to start a Winter morning. English blends are always good in the Winter, and this one is no different. And now that I am on the subject of pipes/tobacco, I may as well mention that I got a Pipes & Cigars catalog in the mail yesterday, but, it went to my parents house, probably because I had a shipment sent there on the month I moved from my last apartment (down the street) to this apartment, as I didn't want the order to go to the wrong place, or for me to not BE THERE when it DID show up. So, I have the catalog sitting in the living room, and there is a lot of stuff from it that I like, but P&C tends to be an online retailer that (for whatever reason) doesn't like my debit card very much - which may have changed as I have a new debit card, but not a new issuer, so I will have to see about another payment method. But, if/when I order a new pipe, it would be from The Pipe Nook, either way (because he (Eddie Gray) runs a great small (online) biz in Pensacola, Florida (I think it is Pensacola, anyway)). I am eyeballing either a Savinelli 320KS in a plain, smooth finish - no nickel band to speak of - just a "normal" pipe. Or, a Savinelli 673 that is part of their Trevi(?) series, which is the same model that Matches860 (John Hardin) was known for. And chances are, this time around, it will be the 673, because I have had a 320KS before (loved it), and more or less "know what that pipe is all about", as where a 673 would be a completely different smoking experience for me, especially since I never own a proper curved stem pipe before.

Anyway, back to the bowl.